Complaints Procedure adheres to strict codes of conduct to protect the company’s good standing, instill trust with the customers, comply with regulatory requirements and fulfill its ethical responsibility. The scope of this guide is to ensure that all markets are compliant with regulations and that internal procedures are based upon this policy.


This policy describes the internal policy we have in place when it comes to handling complaints from players when they are unhappy with anything related to us or they do not agree with any decision we would have taken that could impact them directly.

Stage 1 – Customer Support

If the player wishes to make a complaint, he must do so by contacting our Customer Support team via email at [email protected]. A Support agent will investigate the inquiry and respond to it within 2 working days. If the complaint cannot be resolved at this stage, the Support agent will ask the player to proceed to step 2. This will only happen in rare cases/ disputes as we always seek to resolve any complaint internally and hope that it will not need to progress beyond stage 1.

Stage 2 – Complaints

If the player feels that the complaint was not resolved to his satisfaction, it can be progressed to the next stage by writing to [email protected]. At this stage the player will receive a receipt (case number) and the complaint will be escalated to the management. Please note that if the player has not gone through stage 1, the player will be asked to contact Support so they can seek to resolve any issues first. Full response must be provided to the player within 20 working days.

Stage 3 – Escalate to Third Party

We always seek to resolve complaints internally, but there may be instances when we cannot reach an agreeable solution. management will have personally reviewed the details of the player’s complaint in all cases, and send an email confirming our final response. If the player is still not satisfied he has the right to refer the dispute to our Approved Dispute Resolution (ADR) service, whose details are: IBAS ([email protected]) for UK players.

ADR Procedure

If the player escalates their complaint to the ADR this then becomes a ‘dispute’. The ADR will review the player’s dispute, and if accepted, will send an email to the Customer Service Supervisor who will liaise with our Compliance Consultant with a copy of the complaint and the customers details. The Customer Services Supervisor  will create a summary of the case including any supporting evidence such as game rounds and financial transactions – this will then be sent back to the ADR. The ADR may respond asking for further information or evidence. Once the ADR is satisfied that they have received all the necessary information for the dispute, this is sent to be reviewed by their panel. When the panel has reached a ruling on the case, a summary of their review along with the ruling will be sent via email back to the Customer Service Supervisor.