Complaints Procedure (the “Company” or “we”) adheres to strict codes of conduct to protect the Company’s good standing, instill trust with the players, comply with regulatory requirements and fulfill its ethical responsibility. The scope of this procedure is to ensure that the Company is compliant with the relevant regulations while offering players a method of redressal in a clear and transparent manner.


As a responsible gambling operator, we endeavour to have an effective, fair and transparent customer complaint procedure to provide players with a smooth redressal process.  This policy describes the internal policy we have in place when it comes to handling complaints from players when they are unhappy or discontent about any aspect of the way the Company conducts its licensable activities such as the outcome of a gambling transaction, the way gambling transaction has been handled, concerns about the way the Company conducts it’s operations and commercial matters such as quality of the Company’s website and other technical issues.

Stage 1 – Complaint

  1. If a player wishes to make a complaint, the first stage would be writing to [email protected]. This e-mail address is monitored by the Customer Service Department which is the first point of contact whenever any issue or complaint is raised by a player. Additionally, players can make a complaint via a third-party intermediary, such as Resolver. Any such complaint received via a third-party intermediary will be handled by the Customer Service Department.
  2. When a complaint is received at [email protected] or via a third-party intermediary, the player will receive an acknowledging receipt of the complaint along with a case number confirming that the player will receive a response within 21 days of the receipt of the complaint. A player may initiate a complaint within 6 months from the date of the incident.
  3. The player will receive a response letter to the complaint within 21 days from the receipt of the complaint. The response letter will include

    • the details of the investigation along with findings;
    • confirmation of whether or not the complaint has been upheld;
    • if the complaint has been upheld, details of the proposed redress and/or resolution;
    • confirmation of the player’s ability to escalate the complaint to Senior Management if the player disputes the findings.
  4. If the player responds to the Stage 1 Response Letter confirming that they are satisfied with the decision, or if the player does not respond within 7 days, the complaint is marked as “Closed”. However, if the player responds after the 7-day period advising that they dispute the decision, the complaint is re-opened.
  5. Where a player disputes the decision at Stage 1 process of the complaint, the player will be advised that the complaint will be escalated internally as a dispute, which will be known as a Disputed Complaint.

Stage 2 – Disputed Complaint

  1. If a player is not satisfied with the decision of the Stage 1 of the complaint process and disputes the complaint, the complaint will be escalated internally to a member of Senior Management for further review with all the facts and evidence of the complaint being made available. The player will receive an acknowledgement of the escalation and, if required, additional information may be requested from the player to aid further investigation of the dispute. The player should receive the Stage 2 final response letter within 8 weeks of the initial Stage 1 complaint.
  2. After a thorough re-investigation is carried out into the original complaint along with any new supporting evidence, the player will receive a Stage 2 final response letter which will confirm;

    • details of the investigation conducted along with findings
    • confirmation of whether or not the dispute has been upheld;
    • if the dispute has been upheld, details of the proposed redress and/or resolution;
    • confirmation that the Complaints Procedure has been exhausted; and
    • confirmation of the player’s ability to escalate the dispute to an independent third party ADR entity, should they wish to do so. The player will be provided with the contact details of the Company’s ADR entity, the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (“IBAS”) along with a link to the IBAS website.

Stage 3 – Third-Party ADR Procedure

  1. Once the internal Complaints Procedure has reached a conclusion, and where a deadlock exists, the player is at liberty to refer such disputes to IBAS which is an independent third-party entity approved by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). Any referral to IBAS is free of charge.
  2. If a player requests to use an alternate ADR provider other than IBAS, the Company may agree to use them, however, if that ADR provider is not on the list of ADR providers approved by the UKGC, we reserve the right to refuse to use such an ADR provider. In a scenario where we agree to use an ADR not approved by UKGC, we will inform the player of the associated risks in using the alternative provider to allow the player to make an informed decision. Such risks include the fact that unapproved providers are not bound by the requirements of the ADR regulations which require providers to be fair, transparent and open.
  3. Once IBAS receives a dispute from a player, they will communicate the receipt of such dispute to the Company and will request a full written submission explaining the facts and circumstances of the dispute, providing documentary evidence and details of any relevant parts of our rules or terms, and how they apply in the circumstances of the dispute. We provide IBAS with a response to such a request within the timeline stipulated by them or within ten working days, whichever is earlier. This response is prepared by a member of Senior Management.
  4. After IBAS has received statements and evidence from both the player and the Company, the materials will be sent to their independent adjudication panel (the “Panel”). The Panel may have further questions, or requests for further information, for either party.
  5. The Panel considers all submissions and whether to apply relevant consumer protection legislation in making its decision. Once the Panel completes its adjudication, it provides its ruling to both parties simultaneously.
  6. IBAS rulings are non-binding on players, who are free to pursue any case through the court system after using IBAS. Rulings are binding on the Company up to the value of £10,000. For rulings of more than £10,000, the Company has the right for the dispute to be heard by a court.
  7. Either party can request that IBAS undertakes a review of their ruling; this request must be submitted within 40 days of the notification of the decision and will only be undertaken by IBAS in exceptional circumstances.