Introducing Multi MILLION$ Poker Tournaments!

Three massive tournaments each week

We’re excited to announce the launch of Multi MILLION$, three of the biggest poker tournaments in the world.

Play for MILLION$ across three buy-in levels and two time zones.

Want to make history? Join the High Roller MILLION$ and play for a share of $2M guaranteed.


Buy-in: ¥500

Guarantee: ¥1,000,000

Final Day: Sunday 20:00(CST) / 12:00(GMT) / 08:00(ET)


Buy-in: $100

Guarantee: $1,000,000

Sunday 02:00(CST) / 18:00(GMT) / 14:00(ET)

High Roller MILLION$

Buy-in $500

Guarantee: $2,000,000

Sunday 03:00(CST) / 19:00(GMT) / 15:00(ET)

The final day schedule for the multi million$ poker tournament

Full Schedule

DayTime(GMT)Tournament Name Buy-in GTD
Weekdays06:30Zodiac MILLION$, ¥1M GTD [Day1]¥500¥1,000,000
Weekdays09:00Zodiac MILLION$, ¥1M GTD [Day1]¥500¥1,000,000
Weekdays11:30Zodiac MILLION$, ¥1M GTD [Day1]¥500¥1,000,000
Weekdays 14:00Global MILLION$, $1M GTD [Day1]$100$1,000,000
Weekdays 17:00Global MILLION$, $1M GTD [Day1]$100$1,000,000
Weekdays 20:00Global MILLION$, $1M GTD [Day1]$100$1,000,000
Weekdays 23:00Global MILLION$, $1M GTD [Day1, Turbo]$100$1,000,000
Weekdays16:00High Roller MILLION$, $2M GTD [Day1]$500$2,000,000
Weekdays18:30High Roller MILLION$, $2M GTD [Day1]$500$2,000,000
Weekdays21:00High Roller MILLION$, $2M GTD [Day1]$500$2,000,000
Weekdays23:30High Roller MILLION$, $2M GTD [Day1, Turbo]$500$2,000,000
Sunday06:00Zodiac MILLION$, ¥1M GTD [Day1]¥500¥1,000,000
Sunday08:00Zodiac MILLION$, ¥1M GTD [Day1]¥500¥1,000,000
Sunday09:30Zodiac MILLION$, ¥1M GTD [Day1, Turbo]¥500¥1,000,000
Sunday10:30Zodiac MILLION$, ¥1M GTD [Day1, Last Chance]¥500¥1,000,000
Sunday12:00Zodiac MILLION$, ¥1M GTD [Final Day]¥500¥1,000,000
Sunday12:00Global MILLION$, $1M GTD [Day1]$100$1,000,000
Sunday14:00Global MILLION$, $1M GTD [Day1]$100$1,000,000
Sunday15:30Global MILLION$, $1M GTD [Day1, Turbo]$100$1,000,000
Sunday16:30Global MILLION$, $1M GTD [Day1, Last Chance]$100$1,000,000
Sunday18:00Global MILLION$, $1M GTD [Final Day]$100$1,000,000
Sunday13:00High Roller MILLION$, $2M GTD [Day1]$500$2,000,000
Sunday15:00High Roller MILLION$, $2M GTD [Day1]$500$2,000,000
Sunday16:30High Roller MILLION$, $2M GTD [Day1, Turbo]$500$2,000,000
Sunday17:30High Roller MILLION$, $2M GTD [Day1, Last Chance]$500$2,000,000
Sunday19:00High Roller MILLION$, $2M GTD [Final Day]$500$2,000,000

Terms & Conditions

  • Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this series.
  • The promotion terms and conditions are subject to the site terms and conditions, which can be found here.
  • GGPoker standard rules apply.

Play Responsibly.